Test score variable?

I'm completely stumped and know that this is something really simple that I'm missing.

For my test, I'm trying to compare two different scores to determine what score to submit to the LMS. One score is based on a custom variable set during the course which needs to be compared with the results score. I changed the name of the test to Person Search test, which changes what I thought was the test score variable to "Person_Search_test_Score".

When I created a page that changes contents on a text box to show the Person_Search_test_Score and the AICC_Score, the first is 0 and the second ~~null~~. The results page does show the score on the test using either the variable associated with the test or the AICC_Score.

Here are the settings for the test:


Student must answer every question

Go to Next on completed/passed OR cancelled fail


Grade the test - checked

Include test in overall score: - checked


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As you answered, I was editing to say I'd (mostly) figured it out. What I'm trying to do, in the end, is randomize the test pages then process the test. I'd completely whiffed on the fact that the next button on the last test question does not process the test, unless it is a randomized test. I had a major head-desk when I remembered that and all is well now. This is what I get for doing the complex stuff before coffee.

That project you're working on is a monster. You deserve some time off when it's complete. :-)


After this course, it does mostly get a little easier, thankfully. It partially has to, since the release for the curriculum is coming up fast. I owe quite a bit to all the help I've gotten here in making it happen. The key now is getting it through accessibility review because as a government agency, the rules are pretty stringent.

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