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I have course that when the learner starts it, sets a custom variable with a date in relation to the launch date. Is there a method of sending that value to the LMS, then retrieving it in a DIFFERENT course? I checked with my LMS Administrator for Pathlore and the response was that I'd have to use an auxiliary database and JS call, which is way over my head.

I suppose I could use an entry field to have the learner enter the date they started the previous course, but I was hoping for a way to avoid that.

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That's what I was afraid of.

Given that these are all external learners, that's not going to work unfortunately - I'll back pocket it in the event something later becomes available.

I'll use the learner entry to see if I can get them to enter a date, then figure out how to calculate a date based on their entry - if I can puzzle out the creation of an entry field that sets a date.

You should be able to use JSON Jason...sorry, couldn't resist. Time permitting, I will try to set up an example.

Oh, dumb question but I have to ask. This needs to be workable across different computers correct? Because it would be fairly easy to save/retrieve the date using localStorage.


I don't think you'll get there without JavaScript, but you could get there without creating an auxiliary database. All you really need is a file storage system, and anybody taking e-learning is working on one of those.

So maybe write the date to a file? If you can be confident that every user will always access the second course from the same computer on which they accessed the first one, you could write a file locally, name it with the title of the first course, and have it contain nothing but the launch date. If not, maybe there's a shared folder somewhere where everybody can read and write, and you could write a file there; you could either create a single file that lists usernames and launch dates, maybe like this:



and append to it as users launch the course, or create one file per user with a filename like "YourFirstCourseTitle-username.txt" containing nothing but the launch date.

It's far from secure, but it would work. Fair warning, though: If you have users on different types of devices (PCs, phones, tablets, kiosks ...), this would not be an easy lift. If everybody's on the same type of device, shouldn't be too bad, really.

Darrel - It does need to work across multiple computers. These are all courses delivered to external partners, so I have no way of knowing if they will use the same system for each course attempt. It's really more of a "nifty" feature of the course, as I'm not sure many learners will notice. I'm a stickler for these details and want to make the user experience as real as possible.

Why not read from and save data to a Google sheet ? Samples of that are around here somewhere....


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