Styling text in Change Contents

Is there a method for formatting text in a Change Content action independent of the formatting on the text box? For example, I want part of the text as a bulleted list, but even manually adding tabs and spaces in the value for the Change Contents does not hold the spacing.

In theory, I could always create separate text boxes, but it would be pretty cool to be able to format text within a Change Contents. This might be a post for the Suggestions forum as well.

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You could use innerHTML in a runJS instead and change the text to whatever you want.

Thanks, Darrel! I'll test it out with text blocks where I'm using a specific class to trigger ARIA behaviors. I wouldn't expect it should mess with that, since that's only affecting the text style in that box.

Here's one with a styled list.

My question back is why you would want to hide a text box from the tab index? Screen readers read text period, even if it's not in the tab order if I'm not mistaken. Screen reader users don't use the tab key to get to text boxes. From what I've observed from someone using a screen reader, it's the down arrow key or "N" to move from reading one text box to the next.

Is that a "dangerous" way to change the style? In your example you're changing

This is list item 1undefinedThis is list item 2
  • This is list item 3
  • This is list item 4
  • undefined

    So you end up losing the anchor with the associated tabindex...

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