Set time, pause events, and play button

I'm going to start with the goal, then explain the problem I'm running into, as it might make more sense this way. I have an audio file that has three "sections", each triggered by a button click. The audio pauses at the end of each section, and will either play automatically when the user clicks the button to jump to the next section or simply set the time to the beginning of the section if they aren't playing the audio already. If the user decides, they can start or stop the audio, and the player will remember their choice.

This seems like it should be easy with a combination of Pause events on the audio, and using a Set Time and Play action on the buttons. But it doesn't work IF the audio is initially paused when a button is clicked, and THEN the user clicks play on the audio. Here's the setup:

User loads page, audio is not playing.

User clicks button, audio goes to the time set by the button.

User clicks play on the media player. Audio does not play UNLESS user clicks on the audio a second time.

I've tried multiple methods, whether it's using action groups instead of events, adding the set times to the audio versus the button, and it always results in the issue where if the audio is paused, the play button on the player breaks.

I thought I'd posted about this previously, but cannot find the initial post in my own history, so this may be a duplicate. I'm happy to put together a sample page to zip and send to someone to look at for reference.

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Edit: It seems if I add a Play and Set Time action on the button itself, in addition to a Run Action group that has the pause/set time as an event, it resolves the issue with the play button on the media player. Still seems sketchy and a lot of extra work, though.

Could you please attach a small zip? I see what you are saying, when my button sets the time to a new segment and does a play action, the pause event then fires.

I don't see a way to attach files, so here's a quick sample from my Google Drive of what I was trying. I reverted back to an old JavaScript solution I was using before the "Set Time" action was created. Sadly, the JS solution worked better and was faster to implement since I already had the library objects setup. It wasn't quite perfect, but far closer to the outcome I wanted.

Yeah, with the Set Time and a Play. the Play will start the audio right where where you have the event with your pause

How do you mean? The Set Time should resolve that, since the "new" time is a full second past the time of the event. That would suggest that the Set Time is what's failing, since it's not "skipping" the Pause event, and the event is overriding the action, even when it's based on a click.

Also, I just realized I forgot to add the modify variable event in the original sample. I'm kind of over trying to sort this out, as it seems to behave differently every time I try to get it to work.

I was setting the time a full second past, was setting it closer. I can retry going out a full second