Right Click and Use Web Accessibility Settings

Is it noted anywhere in help text or release information that the onRightClick action does not work when you have Use Web Accessibility Settings set on? If not, I think it does need to be mentioned AND should also work even with accessibility settings checked. In a simulation, I need to allow my sighted mouse users to be able to right click on a button to open a menu, but with the accessibility setting on, this does not work.

I wasn't sure if this was best posted here or in the suggestions.

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While you are waiting for an official response you can still get your functionality by adding an event listener to the onshow of the page. See attached.


Hi Jason,

"Slightly" besides the point but timely -

I am just starting a new user group, specifically for creating accessible e-Learning in Lectora. Our format will mirror the previous Chicago Lectora User Group where we shared Questions - Solutions - Ideas on how to program effectively in Lectora.

The intention is for the group to meet on a regular basis (virtually, with occasional in-person meetups as schedules allow). I see a primary output of this group to be the creation of a user guide that blends accessibility guidelines with some best practice on HOW to meet these guidelines/requirements in Lectora.

My hope is that our efforts will serve to enhance developer knowledge, increase awareness of the importance of accessibility in e-Learning, and maybe even demystify the topic for anyone who is a newbie. If you (or anyone you know) is interested, please send a private message to me and I'll invite you to join. Then please watch for news from me regarding The Lectora Accessibility User Group.

Christine O'Malley

May 16, 2017

Once again, Darren, you come to the rescue :) I have a feeling it might take some time to remove the restriction on right click for web accessibility. From an accessibility standpoint, the page is still operable since there's a duplicate button on the page that's clickable without requiring a mouse.

Chicago is close enough to Minneapolis that it makes sense for me to send you a message, Christine.

This looks like a bug in the product. We've gone ahead and documented this and will implement a fix for in an upcoming release. Most likely letting you use right click triggers but adding it as a warning during the accessibility checking process.

Thanks, Jennifer!

undefinedcomalley5856undefined - Did I just see you in the eLearning Guild Accessibility Summit? I saw the link, but unfortunately my firewall here at work is blocking it since it's newly registered. I'll hit the site up at home and jump in. Great idea!

Hi Jason - I am in the Accessibility Summit. If you're referring to the User Group, glad to hear you're interested! Christine

I wasn't at a summit but I did attend LUC 17. I've also joined the group Christine mentioned :)

Yes, it's there now! Nice work to you and the dev team.

We made some headway on the vote up disappearing in IE. Can you confirm @JasonADal that you see it now?

@jvalley4735 - It is IE 11 that's the problem. I checked it in Firefox and the up vote icon is there.

And I have to do a head-desk on the tagging. I was copying from the page and pasting into the reply, which was adding the span tags (insert eye-roll at myself).

Submit something!!!! I tried getting approval for 6 years and it finally took me joining the company to be able to attend LOL. I totally feel your pain!

You should be able to tag people by including them using an @+user name such as @jvalley0714. If it's not working for you I'd love to know what OS, browser (version), and computer type your running. I'll have our developers take a look.

The vote up feature should be a thumbs up icon in the gray box. Are you by any chance on IE? Sometimes it doesn't show in older versions of IE. I've got our developers looking into it but we haven't found a solution quite yet.

I tried to get approval for LUC 2017, but came up short - Next year (almost) for sure! I may even take the dive off the cliff and put together a proposal :)

(Also, not sure what's happening with my attempts to tag folks in posts - I'm also wondering how to do votes up, since I don't see that as an option on a post itself.)

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