ReviewLink, sessions and caching

When uploading a new version of a course to ReviewLink, is it supposed to reset the course as if the learner is accessing it for the first time with the new version? I'm running into an issue where the course is retaining everything, even after the course has been updated multiple times.

I've had my reviewers clear temporary internet files in IE, but it's not working. Clearing the cache in Firefox and Chrome both work, however. This may be specific to my organization's configuration for IE that's not allowing something to be cleared when users clear their cache.

Any thoughts on this or am I stuck having to include a "Reset Course" button for testing purposes, since my reviewers only have access to IE?

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Jason, this is the same problem that we have experienced also. Very frustrating. Support asks us to use a different browser like Chrome or Firefox, but that is not possible because many of my clients must use IE. I have adjusted what should be cleared on my cache to the attached settings, and I notice it less - but I am not sure if it resolved the issue. can you try to match these settings and let me know if it worked for you? Thanks, Heidi


In cases like this, I usually include an empty first page with actions to reset the variables and reset tests, i.e. reset everything. Then I make it go to the real first page automatically (maybe with a short delay). Just don't forget to delete the page before publishing to scorm as the LMS should handle these issues. By actively modifying the variables cache should be no problem...

As a stop gap, I did something similar by adding a button the reviewers can use to reset the entire course. This let's them have control rather than forcing it each time and allows them to test exiting/re-entering the course for testing as well.

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