Reset all vairables and AICC_Score

I couldn't find anything in the help contents that reassured me on this - Does the Reset All Variables ignore the AICC_Score and completion variables? I'd like to believe that it only resets those two variables if the test itself is reset...

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I did a short test in moodle:

"Reset all variables" seems to reset User-defined variables and Test scores but neither AICC_Score nor AICC_Lesson_Status.

Confirmed with the product team that the reset variable action only pertains to user created variables so your SCORM variables will not be affected/will require a manual reset.

That's somewhat unfortunate - but only somewhat. It just means I need to put a condition on updating the AICC_score at the end of the test I'm using. I see an addition to the suggestion regarding reset variables. It just occurred to me that it could be a pop-up box that allows you to check off which variables could be reset. Which reminds me, I have another suggestion I need to post...

Thanks, Tim.

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