Questions editing/functionality

I have a couple of suggestions for question editing and properties:

I haven't found a way to copy/paste Actions other than OnSelectChange to a question object. In my case, I want to append an OnShow to a drop down that's part of a question, but it will not paste to the element.

Secondly, if there was another column with an "add" button for questions with choices, it would be easier to insert choices before/after existing choices. When I'm typing in choices, I prefer to tab through each one. Since there are only three choices by default, if I want more I have to move to the mouse each time to click on the text entry field to create a new choice.

I attached a "sample" of that the screen would look like in my "perfect world". :)



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I've passed your suggestion along to the development team :)

Interesting suggestion, Jason. We'll consider it. Note: We used to be able to copy and paste actions onto a form object. We accidentally broke that with v11 when we removed the "On Click" (embedded action) from the object and made all actions visibly attached. However you can still paste actions. All you need to do is click the Add Action button to add a dummy one. Then you can paste all the actions you need after that (and remove the dummy one).

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