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I have a single page in one of courses that shows extra white space below the actual content of the page. It's a very simple page with a text block and a graphic. In the course, there are also inherited elements, but I get the same thing when I paste the page into a new title. I can't figure out why this specific page is showing the white space.

I was able to resolve it by copying the elements only to a new page, but think it's still worth looking at to see what might have happened. Sample attached.

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I'm not seeing extra space, Jason.

Hmm...I wonder if maybe it's a 16/17 version issue? I added the footer I use in courses and positioned it exactly where others are to show what I'm seeing a little better. It also showed up when I did a preview in browser - the first page had a longer scroll than the second page.


Interesting - I'm not sure how that would've changed for just that one page - I figured it was something small and had racked my brain trying to figure it out. Either way, if I see that behavior again, I know what to do!

Well, the first page is just 100px higher... Check "Inherit page size" ;-)

I can confidently say no to that question - This is a graphic that's at the title level, plus it's only happening on the one page. I've attached the copied sample over. If you create a new page and copy everything over, the page is fine.

Do you have offset from bottom turned on for the footer?

Sometimes the page size will reset if you try to import something that's larger than page size allowed. Happens to me every once in a while when I add a question with an image. Maybe your character came in too large?

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