Next vs. Submit in Tests

In the test I'm working with in version 19, I have my test/questions set up thusly:

Randomized test

Student must answer all questions

Questions have a maximum of 2 attempts

Each result (correct, incorrect, max attempts) has a unique message

Add Submit button initially checked (Note: this is NOT retained if you exit the question settings then go back to edit the question again).

The problem: If a user gets a question right on the first attempt, then comes back to that question using the previous button, when they use the next button, it acts like a second attempt. They can also change their answer if they haven't used all attempts, so can "technically" get it wrong, even though they were correct the first time.

Am I missing something in the settings, or is this "expected" behavior, AND is it different in 21? It seems completely counterintuitive that you'd allow multiple additional attempts once a user got the right answer.

Discussion (2)

It is the expected behavior, you always have 2 attempts. I once had an action group run as the correct feedback and it included another "Process question" action to waste the second attempt.

Well that's kind of annoying - One option I'd thought of, too, was a transparent shape over the question if it's answered correctly on the first attempt. I like the idea of a conditional 2nd process question, but I'm not able to get it working - I have the submit button process the question. The "Correct" action runs the action group with the following:

Display Message: Correct

Process Question

Disable Submit

Disabling the submit button is fine, but I can still change answers on the question. I may just have to go with the transparent shape for the time being, given the due date for the project.