Mute audio only works with event and group

I'm continuing work on my custom audio skin that's going to save me a TON of time adding audio and have run into an issue.

Users have the chance to indicate if they want the audio to auto start, auto start with captions (muted audio) or audio and captions on. I added an onShow action at the page level that mutes the media IF the check box for CC = on. However, it looks like the only way to "pre-mute" the audio is with an event that uses RunGroup with the mute audio action.

Am I right in thinking that there's no way to mute the audio before it begins to play? I've played with the order of actions at the page level and onShow with the player. I do have an action that turns captions on that works, and thinking MAYBE using the same method to mute the audio prior to playing.

(Also, this is my custom skin I've been working for some time that works around the tab order issue in the current player. Feel free to use it at your leisure! If you want to change the background color, you should be able to use Photoshop or SnagIt in the sprite file in the top rectangle.)

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I would have SWORN that I tried with no success. That said, I was only using Preview and even after making the change, it was still failing. It wasn't until I published to HTML that it finally worked. (insert eyeroll here)

I'm setting it so that all the actions are attached to the audio file so I can create a library object to add more easily. With this new controller, my audio add steps went from 10-15 down to 2.

Once more, it seems to be an issue with the sequence of the actions ... It's muting the audio alright, if I remove the action from page level, add it to the audio and trigger it "On: Page show"

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