Multiple correct answers in multiple response ?

I have a multiple response question where either of two choices are correct. This is within a test with a results page. I have a separate Next button on the test that modifies the variable for the question if the second of the before the process questions action. Using debug, I confirmed that the variable is modified correctly before the process question. However, when I get to the results page, it shows the question as incorrect.

For example:

  • Correct answer = Answer A OR Answer B
  • onClick for next = Modify variable question_0001 to A IF question_0001 = A or = B.

When I go to the Results page, it reads the variable for question_0001 to the initially selected value, not the modified value, for question_0001.

Other ideas? I tried adding the actions to each of the two check boxes and an onShow on the Results page. Unfortunately, the results page doesn't run the onShow action until it builds the results window.

I did look at the sample that was uploaded by Sergey, but using grade all options does not work.

Edit: I've attached a video showing the debug. It's question_0012 that I'm trying to fix. I also am going to be randomizing the test, so I don't think an onPageShow on the next question would work.

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Jason, one piece of you question looks a little jumbled up ("... that modifies the variable for the question if the second of the before the process questions action"), so I'm not sure about this -- but could the problem be that you're modifying the variable before processing the question? If so, processing the question would modify it again, stepping on your original modification.

If that's what's happening, try modifying the variable after processing the question. If not, you could try explaining again; maybe I'll understand next time.

According to the video you set VarCheckbox_0012 to "Jake". That's not the question... ;-)

Holy head-desk, Batman - that was it. I just switched and of course it worked...Meh! I cannot wait to take some time off after this project. I recorded it specifically so that I Nice eye, Tim. The modVar is before the process question and it works...once I pick the right variable.

I also got it to work in a randomized test by using the "custom" next button with modify variable, process ? and go to next. This wraps up this module!

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