Major issue with custom players

I created two custom audio players that worked in Lectora 16, however, they do not work at ALL in Lectora 18. When used in Lectora 18, the player reverts to the default while they still work just fine in Lectora 16.

One oddity I noticed: When using Lectora 16 and creating a preview, the classes all use a single hyphen (i.e. mejs-playpause-button). However, when previewing in Lectora 18, the mejs class changes from a hyphen to a double underscore (i.e. mejs__playpause-button).

I did try changing my css file to go from the dash to the double underscore and that worked, sort of. It changed the basic colors for the background, time rail, etc, but did nothing to change the icons (play button, pause, volume, etc).

I'm stumped and, frankly, very frustrated by this, as it looks like I'm going to have to put a pretty good amount of time into something that should have come over seamlessly.

(Speaking of, I am not using seamless play, and tried with and without responsive design, with and without using Web Accessibility settings.)

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Hi Jason (@JasonADal)

With the new media player in v18.2 it does have different css classes and you should be able to find what you need to do in the help:

Thanks for the response, Joe - was there also a fix to the bug where tabbing to the CC button failed and "broke" tab functionality? I reported this back when I originally started creating my first player.

For what it's worth, I was hoping I could just do a Find/Replace to change the necessary dashes to double underscores and it sadly didn't work.

What stumped me, is the change from Lectora desktop to Lectora Online... whereas Lectora desktop HTML-objects all are named like mentioned in the 'field' for it in Lectora Online all the HTML-objects, whether graphics or texts are named 'tobj' +original number of the HTML-object. Took me quite some time to figure that out, and dont see why it cant be treated equally both in Online and Desktop....

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