Initial/retaining form field values

I'm running into an issue where my course is not setting initial values for a drop down. As an example, I have a drop down that's set to have option C as the initial value. However, when I first visit the page, it's choosing option A as the initial value. A debug shows that the variable is read correctly on page load.

In addition, if I go to a different page, then come back, it loses all of the values for all of the fields as if they were reset. Shouldn't those values be retained even between page visits? I verified that all fields have Retain Value between sessions checked.

This has me baffled, unless I'm overtired and missing something very simple. I've tested this with the Run option and publishing to html and starting with the index.

I can post a sample later, but want to continue looking at it more before I do.

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I didn't have anything to reset variables, but did manage to track down the problem with some trial and error.

I have a RunJS at the page level that sets an attribute to a specific class for a text box (aria-live). When I cut that action, it worked and when I looked at the JavaScript, I had the wrong class. So remarkably simplex (that's my new word for the complexity of finding a simple solution).

I did a short test and all of it is working correctly on my side. Retain between sessions should not be necessary while the browser window is open. There's that other thread in that you're trying to reset entry field variables and get fields empty. You didn't program something that's now resetting these fields as well, did you?

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