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I noticed an odd behavior related to groups and tab order at the section level. I have a set of grouped buttons at the section level of the title manager. It behaves as expected (tab order = top to bottom in the group) UNTIL I set it to Set Reading order to Last. When I do so, it reverses the tab order of the buttons. They are still the "last" buttons to get tab order (before chapter and top of title manager), but go from bottom up instead. Would this be a bug? I could post my course, but it's pretty large and I'm pressed for time to create a sample.

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Here you go - sorry I couldn't get one when I initially posted - my curriculum went live today, so I was in a flurry of final QA, cleanup and SCORM-ing on Friday.

The issue shows up in the Adult Maltreatment Intakes chapter. At the chapter level, there is a group of buttons that appear on all pages in the chapter (Tree View nodes). The goal is that for the Adult Maltreatment Report section, those buttons come after the buttons at the top of the screens (AMR tabs) FWIW, there is a reason I need the AMR tabs group on each page.

If I set the Tree View nodes to last in reading order, they do come in last, after both the audio and navigation buttons. But, the main issue is that the tab order goes from the bottom up when I have reading order last. On a side note, this also happens in the "Navigation buttons" group at the title level.

Everything I interpreted from the Help info is that tab order would always be top down, but it seems that reading order to last changes this so that elements in groups are bottom-top instead.

Can you share your sample so I can take a peek, please?

Everytime I try and download the file it keeps failing. Would you mind sending the file over email through like WeTransfer or DropBox?

For security reasons, I can't use dropbox or file sharing software - Instead, I've posted it to to see if you can download it there. Otherwise, I can try emailing it to you (I still have your contact information in Outlook).

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