Grade each choice and multiple response

I've put together a test where there is a mix of multiple choice, multiple response and true false.

I've set the multiple response questions to grade each choice with a point value equal to the number of choices available. Should I be assigning points equal to the number of correct choices instead? Or should I leave the point value at one even though each choice is being graded?

I'd love to track down the variable that tracks the number of points total and the number of points correct rather than just the percentage.

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Grading each choice means that each choice is treated like it's a separate question. The results page will display the choices as Question 1.1, 1.2 etc.

The value you select in the Point Value field will be assigned to each of the Sub-questions, it's not like any choice is 1 point to be added up to the point value for the whole question, i.e. a multiple response question with 4 options, a point value of 4 and Grade each choice means, you'll have 4 (sub-) questions each with a point value of 4 = 16 points for the whole question. In this case you'll get 4 points for not checking an incorrect option.

Edit: I must have long-weekend brain - I went through each one at a time and found that I missed the grade each choice on some and the correct point value on some. The odd thing is that on a couple of them, the point values were way off what I thought I had entered. In one case, the point value was 96 and in another it was 0. I'm pretty confident that I didn't make a mistake that glaring, but I can't recreate the behavior.

Doh! That's a LOT of points then - I'm going to dial that back then. I'm not a huge fan of the 3.1, 3.2 etc., since it pretty much gives away the answer if they miss anything. It's not the worst thing in the world to help the learner with the test, but may lead to customizing the results eventually to show "4/5" or something to that effect.

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