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I'm trying to use a text box populated by a variable to hold a fixed width. I've tried setting the width as well as using convert to image, but it continues to stretch the box to fit the length of the variable text. I have a feeling this might be a RunJS on the element, but wondering if there are other suggestions, too.

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Actually i dont understand the question completely.

So what you want to be happening when the text is longer then the fixed textbox size ? Make it split in more lines ?

So the height is variable, just the width not ?

Cannot think of a way doing this without Javascript...but well that might be my bias intrigued to find a way to get that done without the use of JS..

I actually figured it out early this morning - Once I set the margin to 1, they worked correctly. What I wanted was to have the height and width fixed width so text beyond the width of the block was not visible and it would not add another row.

It's sort of the opposite of what I did for text blocks that I wanted to "auto adjust" the height on a change content. In a nutshell, I found that:

If you style the text block in any way other than the text style, the height is fixed regardless of content.

If you leave the text box as it's created or set the background as transparent, the height will adjust to the content. (I used CSS to style the text box instead of the built-in settings).

Thanks for the help and inspiration, Math!

I might be overlooking what you want or need... but is this not exactly like you want ?

- Use 'Change Content' to change the content of a textfield

- Ensure 'Wrap' is on


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