Export Change Contents to word

This might be a stretch, but I would like to recommend the ability to export the values for Change Contents action to Word similar to the export of the course to Word.

I use a significant number of change contents as part of accessibility compliance with screen readers, so currently I have to develop the course and transcript in parallel. In addition to accessibility, I am required to send my transcripts through a plain language specialist. When I have to edit/accept changes, it would be easier if I could update the course only, then export again, rather than duplicating work by editing the transcript AND the course.

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We also suggest exporting the XML, open in Notepad++, and then search for undefined. This will show all your target strings which are associated with Change Contents objects. Then you can copy and paste what's found to create the transcript.

That's an interesting suggestion. I'll pass it along to the development team and we'll see what we can do.

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