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I'm creating a drag and drop question with a point value equal to the number of items in the question. I want to be able to provide feedback that includes the number of selections the learner got right and display the score in a "X of 11" format. When I use the variable for the question, it shows the name for each item (which I think is the item text with the item name from the question properties). I do have the question to grade each choice with a value of 11.

I've attached the sample I have at the moment and am going to be playing with it more.


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Some tips about questions:

A. The question variable

The question variable always contains the users answer to the question. For a DnD question it tells the position of each drag item by containing pairs "NameOfItem-NameOfDropzone". For a not yet dropped item it'll contain "NameOfItem-(na)". That is, only after the first item has been dropped.

B. The point value

The point value is not a score for the question. It can be used to raise/lower the value of a question when calculating a test score (in %). It cannot be used for questions that are not part of a test.

C. Grade each choice

If you check "Grade each choice", Lectora will treat each choice (each drag item) like it was a separate question, each with the "point value". This is only relevant for questions in a test as well.

D. Process question

You've added a "Process Question" action to your Submit button, but to no effect. Processing a question means running the actions defined in the "Feedback" tab of the question and counting attempts / running the actions defined in the "Attempts" tab. If you don't have anything defined on these tabs, you won't need this action. It's not required to find out whether the question has been answered correctly.

To get a score for the question you'll have to decipher the question variable. Check the sample I've attached. It will calculate a score for the question, but only if all items have been dropped. I've changed the names of all drag items and drop zones, to make the variable more easily readable.

I've changed the question image, because I had the impression that (my) Lectora doesn't like a question image with an opacity = 0. I've removed the video because I'm having problems with "Preview in Browser" if there's a media file on the page.


I had a feeling I would have to create a separate variable in order to track each item as a point. And I should probably change the drop zone names to have no spaces, as I'm guessing the variables don't like spaces.

One other thing I was trying to accomplish was to disable the submit button until all the items have been dropped. For that, I set the Submit state to Disabled, then in the question, set the feedback to enable the button whether or not the answer is correct or incorrect. For a minute, I thought I'd have to change that, but the more I think about it, I should still be good with the immediate process question, since the process question modifies the question variable only.

Thanks again, Tim - you've been a lifesaver with helping on so many of my questions :)

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