Custom DIVs and screenreaders

Now that I've published several courses to our LMS, I'm reviewing each one using NVDA screen reader. I've noticed that the screen reader actually reads the full text of a custom div when it's at the title or AICC levels, at least through the LMS I'm using. I have not tested this on a regular HTML.

The moral of the story? Avoid using custom div as an HTML extensions wherever possible. They appear in both the tab order and to the screen reader. Screen readers will actually read the contents of the div, not just that the div is there.

I imagine that it may do that with Meta tags, but can't confirm. @klaatu was very emphatic when it came to the use of meta tags.

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Hi Jason, I'm working with the Lectora development group to try to see if this is a bug or working as designed. They told me that depending on the content of the Custom DIV (simple undefined

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