CSS and JavaScript learning opportunities

Given how many solutions I've received help with during my last project, I thought it would be good idea to start a thread listing good resources for CSS and JavaScript assistance or classes. Part of my career development is definitely getting more "formal" training in both so I can both put together my own solutions as well as offer more assistance on the forum.

My first question is whether anyone has taken courses through General Assembly. Looking through their site and offerings, I do see quite a few options I'd be interested in.

For resources I use to try and wrangle with possible solutions, I generally refer to Stack Overflow and (to my wife's dismay) W3C schools. I prefer Stack Overflow because there are multiple solutions offered along with samples in a lot of the threads. W3C Schools I consider more of an "inspiration" site, where I can see some potential solutions as well as experiment with the guidance to see if I can apply different ideas for different solutions.

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Would it also be a good idea to start a group? By doing so people can join if interested and take part in dedicated forum discussions.

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