Can Articulate 360/Storyline files be converting to Lectora

I am converting from Articulate 360/Storyline to Lectora. I need to convert Articulate 360 and Storyline content to an editable Lectora format. I have the source files.

Does anyone know how to do this?


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This PDF may help you in moving from Articulate 360/Storyline to Lectora.

I have never tried it, but it may be possible to publish to PowerPoint in Articulate products and then import the PowerPoint into Lectora. I doubt this will work but it's something I might try.

The way I have seen customers convert their courses into Lectora responsive courses is by first developing or using a template in Lectora, this would have the basic "player" navigation elements. In Lectora v21 which comes out today you can use Themes, Frameworks and Style Packs to quickly generate a nicely styled framework for your course. Then publish your SL content and import the image, audio and video resources. You can just drag these into a temporary page in Lectora. Then remove the page and all the assets will still be available in the Resources tab on the right side of the stage area. If you want to implement responsive later you can always turn off the mobile views until you are ready to work on them at a later time.

After that you can load the published SL content into a browser and go page by page copying and pasting where necessary. Once you get the base template set up it goes pretty quickly. You might contact one of our Customer Success representatives, or other experts in this Community to help you get going.

- Joe