Video Missing Plug-In

Help...I using V16.2.2 and receiving a “Missing Plug” in when published. I've used this before with no issue, so not sure what I'm doing wrong. I looked at previous comments and the only thing I saw was checking the boxes for Audio to MP3 and Video to MP4 under “Compress & Convert” which I'm doing already.

Thank you!

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Checking the "convert to mp4" does nothing for you because there is nothing to convert in this course. You are using a Flash-based player to play a "Windows Media Services" streaming video from Since that video isn't a file but rather a data stream from a remote location, there is no way to convert it to MP4.

As long as you use the "windows media services" type for your video player, browsers will not be happy about it. It is a dying format and some forward-thinking browsers (like Google Chrome) are already deprecating it. E.g. when I launched your course in Chrome, I got "plugin not supported".

So if I'm reading this correctly??? I need to change it to a Flash Streaming Video and then uncheck those boxes?

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