Transition Out Groups Not Working


I've used Transitions quite a bit and am at a standstill on why my Transition Out isn't working on my Groups on this page.

I'm using Lectora 16 (as that is what my client uses). Any assistance would be appreciated....the Transition In works great.


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A transition is done when the object is shown or hidden. Your groups are not "initially hidden" so the groups / objects are shown when the page is loaded, delayed by the tranisition. Your "Transition Out" would work but you have to hide the groups with an action. If you add a delay to the transition, it would mean that the transition starts n seconds after the Hide action is run.

You can add a transition out to the groups (without delay). Then add an action to one of the objects in the group:

On: Show

Action: Hide

Target: Respective group

Delay: 4.7 sec


I'm not sure if I got all the timings correct, but I'm sure you'll get the way it's working.

Thank you!!! I will try this now...and it makes sense!!!!

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