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I believe I have seen this, but not sure how to recreate, as I think JavaScript is needed. I am using Lectora 19 and have a Table of Contents that slides in/out from the left (toggle action).

I would like the TOC to show the previous/completed pages visited in a bold font and slightly greyed out for unviewed pages. This is a standard linear course. I am hoping to do this without actions on each page as the people normally using this template/design might delete them.


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I received this from the Help Desk...any JQuery/javascript writers willing to share their expertise?

"Yes, you can use on each page to set to Bold the font of that page's menu/TOC item. This would be launched with an action on each page.

You do not want to use an action, so you could have a single javascript file at the Project level that would check the progress of the user and set the font of the appropriate menu/TOC item to Bold. This action could also be deleted by the Designer, so we're not sure if you are looking for a way to hide the action that is launching the code or the actual code itself.

There is a lot of talent in the eLB Community, let's see what contributions are suggested over the weekend."

@"Chris Paxton", how would an Action target one line of a TOC? And there is no "change font" action.

I think the Help Desk might be confused. They seemingly mean that one could use an Action to run JavaScript. However ... has ELB documented the TOC object, in terms of naming each line of text in the control based on page names? Would a JavaScript developer have to scan the published files and figure out what the relevant objects are called and what their methods and properties are?

Which type of toc do you use?

@carlfink, that is what I was thinking...thank you for your input. You are @timk are my "go to" on all JS. :D

I'm planning on using the standard "indented" TOC with a toggle button to slide in and out from the left.