Most Common Disability Obstacles - the Tweet

As mentioned in the LAUG 7-14-17 Meeting, at this link you can find a summary of the topics most people with disabilities raised.

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I like that a lot of these elements that are necessary for accessibility are already being incorporated in good design practices.

The one thing that I don't see pushed in design is captioning. Fortunately, that is the direction video is taking for the purpose of maximum share-ability. Lots of companies that share videos via Facebook can be watched without sound - look at The Dodo, or Buzzfeed, or Tasty for clever examples of videos that tell you an entire story without a bit of sound. It's an appeal to the market that also works in cooperation with accessibility. I know this isn't how everyone is doing things, but the viral nature of these videos leads me to believe that it will keep pushing the market in that direction. Hopefully that will also make it easier to make captions in the future.

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