Format Display Messages?

Is it possible to format the text in a Display Message so the text size is larger?

Thank you!


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 I'm soooo tempted but there are no beers here... It's all good my friend, I just couldn't resist.

Sorry, Christine, inside joke between Sergey and me. Sergey's solution will work just fine.

Thank you Sergey,

I figured I should do something with the DLG_Content but that's as far as I got. Oh my! My scripting skills have gone down-hill!

No worries Darrel - beer? where? :-)

I also need to decrease or increase font size using CSS (I presume, which is another thing I need to study). I found a great menu option for performing this task but since the title needs to be 508c I would like to use buttons - one to decrease font size and one to increase font size.


I get that Browsers also offer magnification of text so perhaps this won't be used in the course but I sure would like to know what code goes behind those buttons on the Lectora Ribbon (the little A and the BIG A).


Thanks guys,


Create an external HTML Object, set it to META tags, paste the following:


You can change the CSS style as you like. E.g. try "x-large" instead of "larger". BTW, this will only work if you use "Web 2.0 Popups" in Lectora (see Publish settings, this is the default option).

Alternatively, you can construct your own popups. Just create some textboxes and buttons, group them and use "Show Group" action.

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