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This question relates to a click-reveal activity (w/Submit and hidden question in background) created in Lectora Inspire 17...

INTERFACE: A 12x12 grid of squares (each x-y coordinate holds 4 colored squares i.e., shapes) for a total of 144 possible conditions.

ACTIVITY: the learner must click a square to choose the correct color for that square. As they do, the variable is set for the square/color they chose... they must select the correct combination of colors on the entire grid (each individual square) in order for the question to be marked correct.

CHALLENGE: I have it all set up - however, when defining the conditions, I discovered I can define ONLY 50 conditions. A lot of time has gone into programming this activity and I have a total of 3 of them to program so this isn't something that can be easily ditched.

QUESTION: Is there a way to make this work... e.g., with multiple action groups, etc.?

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p.s. I also submitted a ticket on this to Support.

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You mentioned that each grid square has 4 colored squares. What do you think of setting action groups for each of the 12 grid squares? Then if the first set of 4 squares is correct, then it would check the next grid. So in effect, you have 12 action groups that validate if each grid is correct, instead of checking the whole 12 grids at once. I'm making a similar activity now. In the one I'm creating, the user clicks a button. The button runs a check to see if question one is correct. If correct, process question 2. If not correct, reset the questions.


Thanks - you're spot on... Just talked with Ed in support and he helped me with a solution that is right in line with what you're suggesting. I'll be using an action group to check the state of each row or column, and then set the status of the (invisible) question to Correct if the conditions are met.

Much less programming so all is good.

@Andy - (to be clear). it is the number of 'conditions' we are limited to; not the number of actions.

Thank you both for chiming in.

Huh... I was not aware there was a limit to the number of actions. Action groups would certainly clean things up for you, but as I said, I am completely unfamiliar with this action limit, so I'm not sure if action groups would help or not.

While I am uncertain how to help you, you may want to look at the Matching Game @tbeary5373 posted a while back:

Good luck!

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