Lectora 21 Beta Questions

I have just had a chance to open 21 Beta and the icons are MUCH, MUCH easier to read, although they really remind me of MS Office icons from the mid-1990’s before software realized icons could have multiple colors and depth.....but I do have a couple of questions/thoughts:


o It is a bit difficult to tell if it is on or not as I’m not seeing much of a difference when it is checked...could you make the button red or something, this will slow me down (seconds add up) when I have to really look at the tablet to tell.

Preview Icons

o Are the icon designs supposed to be different when viewed from the View ribbon vs from the Status bar? Could they be made the same in both places like the Edit and Run icons?

Inherit Icon with the 3 boxes

o It doesn't look like it changes when choosing "Inherit Some", "Inherit None" vs. "Inherit All" - this is a big timesaver when I am troubleshooting.

Contextual Tabs

o For groups and other icons that are “black” are hard to see”

o Action – could it be something other than “orange”? The orange is great to differentiate with many of the items, except for “button, Audio, Video, etc as those are also orange.

Right-hand slide out “Tools”

o When opening the “Character or Icon or using the “Tools” option, it doesn’t automatically close when I click in the workarea. I have to go to the lower right hand corner to click on close.

Button Group?

o Not sure what this is that is any different than before…would be nice if there were an easier way to group other groups.


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