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I know enough about HTML to be dangerous. :( I have code for my audio files to show the closed captioning where I want it at the size I want it and I was trying to tweak it for the video, but it isn't working.

What do I need to make the video CC closer to the player and at 24 pt?

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Hey, Chris - any chance you can post a screenshot here?


may be able to take a look!



, and


Here is what the video looks like (having it look like a Zoom call). The font is a bit small compared to my other CC so I would like it 24 pt (Images PMR - Zoom CC A (1 & 2) is without any coding. If I try to use the HTML - CC Above Player_Pg Btm it fixes my font, but it moves the player to the top of the video. (Image PMR - Zoom CC B (1).

Again, I know enough to be dangerous with coding.

PMR - Zoom CC A (2).pngPMR - Zoom CC A (1).pngPMR - Zoom CC B (1).png


I took a quick look, try removing this:

div #mep_0 {

height: 24px!important; /* hide CC background on player */


, thank you! That works exactly the way I want it! Thank you again! You are a rockstar!!!!