Hide Browser Toolbars - Lectora 16 Responsive in SuccessFactors LMS

Developing a responsive title in Lectora 16.01...

The preference is to hide all Browser toolbars in the course window. For example, when course opens in IE11 we don't want to see the address bar or File - Edit - View etc.,

Client is using Success Factors LMS which is new to them.

  • I thought this is something that would be controlled at the LMS level by the LMS Administrator when the course is uploaded. Is that correct?
  • Alternatively - is there an option to do this at the course-level via JavaScript and would this create any issues for a responsive title?

Thanks for any info you can share.


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Hi Christine, the scrollbars you can hide, but the location bar i dont think can be hidden. Due to security restrictions modern browsers dont allow the location bar to be hidden.

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Soo slow in picking up your reply but wanted to say Thanks! Ah yes, you remind me of what I learned in school.


Thank you Math!


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