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I am relatively new to 508, although I have been using Lectora for 10+ years. I have a client that wants the glossary to include the entire alphabet although there are only 10 letters that contain case they add more in the problem.

But, then the client sends me this "Tabbing through the alphabet seems repetitive; improve usability by setting Alphabet section headings in tab ordering." ...I have no idea what this means and didn't know if I could just make the unused letters "hidden" from the reader and the tabbing?

Any thoughts & ideas would be appreciated! Thanks!


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I thought I published with the awt file...let me repost in with the correct file, as possibly also in Q/A!!!

If there is no way to do this in Lectora itself, you should be able to accomplish it using JavaScript. I would try a script that will search through the letters (DIV elements) that do not have an onClick attribute and remove them from the tab order by setting their tabIndex to -1. I think that might work. Due to time constraints I can't promise anything but if you post the .awt file (you always should include this in the zip, IMO) someone may be able to whip something up. I'm also not sure what removing an element from the tab order will do with respect to screen readers. I believe Jason is the forums resident expert there.

You might want to re-post or have this moved to questions and answers.

Hi Chris - When I open the HTML file in the Edge Browser, I can tab through the alphabet. I think that's what they are saying but if you're able to join our Open Discussion, we can get input from others too.

One thought that comes to mind, is to have links that allow the use to jump back up to the alphabet. Not sure about hiding letters, I wonder if that could be confusing. Again, folks in the group may have some suggestions for you.

Thanks for asking the question!



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