Development Submission Template

I don't use a template but the most basic question that helps with design is "what do you want people to be able to do after taking this training?" Knowing the answer to this question (and the series of follow up questions to it) help you determine the crux of the issue and where your design focus should be. Other important questions relate to your audience - who are they? what's their level of expertise with the subject? how often will they use the skills taught? what are they currently doing well/not well with this subject? etc. Knowing the above information, plus any further questions which come to mind, help you determine if this is truly a training issue or if it is more of a performance issue where you are merely helping them to use/hone the skills they currently have. Let us know what you end up doing. I always get great ideas from seeing other's templates.P.S. One danger that I've seen with templates is making them so complicated to fill out properly that people give up on filling it out and do the training on their own. I'd keep the template very simple (a few questions) so that it gets the person thinking in the right direction, and quickly points them to you for a discussion. It's the actual discussion that is of the most value. The template of the most value is one you will use for yourself during that discussion.Edited By: rhall01 on 2008-11-4 10:47:51

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