Dedicated Forums for LMS (ie: PeopleSoft LMS Lectora Forum)

Okay...this is a repeat...several times over as I first posted this in October of 2008 and several people replied that it has been a previous request.

Well, at the Conference last year it was agreed (by Trivantis higher up's - but, I would have to pull business cards to get exact names!) that this was a do-able request and to look out for it...but it is now a year later and still no dedicated Forum.

I really like the product, but have a hard time recommending it (or keeping my 5 licenses, so we are now down to 1 as I'm the only one who will use it) when support isn't there. Who do we need to brainwash, beg, etc to get this done????

"Within the General Comments there is a topic of Lectora Integration with Various LMS...but it is huge and hard to find things. Has anyone (and I am sure they have) thought about setting up a new Forum for Lectora & LMS's and then individual topics for each LMS??? It seems it would be quite helpful (especially for us newbies) to find the reference info that we need rather than consistantly searching.

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Hi -Yes - we had a thread about this a while ago (click here to see it) but no result yet. (Actually, we should have done what you did and posted it in the Suggestions forum, but since Aaron (a Trivantis employee) was involved in the thread, Trivantis is clearly aware of the request.But it's good that you've asked again...helps keep the issue alive and may help persuade them to implement this.LauraP.S. Could you PM me and let me know roughly where in the U.S. you are? I may have some additional info for you... Reply Reply With Quote Thanks

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