Camtasia for Closed Captions

As mentioned in the 7-14-17 LAUG meeting - this will be the next topic of discussion. If you're struggling with CC for audio or video, or you are NOT struggling, please plan to join us on 8-4-17 to dive deeper into this topic.

Likewise, if you have anything you can share on the topic, please keep this topic string going.

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Thanks for sharing these resources Jennifer...

Our plan is to hold an open discussion with some tips on how to do CC in Camtasia. If you have some expertise in this area, please join our August 4, 2017 meeting. I will send an invitation to all members!

I do but unfortunately I have a meeting conflict. I'll be sure to watch the recording and add my two cents in after the fact though :)

Closed captioning resources on the Trivantis Community ;)

Since the topic of our last meeting was related to this topic, I decided to provide the link to the recorded meeting to this string.

While the visuals for this meeting were not super-exciting, there was some conversation/Q&A that may be of benefit to those who are interested in this topic.

One outcome to this session is that we're checking with Trivantis on an error that is being generated when trying to publish to Lectora Output from Camtasia.

Thanks again to Misty and Margaret!

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