A11YCHI Meetup RECAP: Inclusive Design with Derek Featherstone

A while back, I joined this meetup (ALLYCHI) and have found the group to be very knowledgeable on accessibility for the web. Their topics always draw my interest but I never hear any specific terms related to e-Learning used in their presentations. I guess it's because e-Learning falls under the web application category - and yet - it seems to me that so much of what we are trying to do in our courses, has specific nuances that aren't spoken to.

How do we change that?

On another note: Earlier this week, they hosted a live event with YouTube streaming. Their guest speaker was Derek Featherstone of Simply Accessible. If you have the time over lunch or maybe on your way home, you may want to give it a listen. I know they planned to CC it but something must have gone wrong because the recording does not include captions. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qh-mWhxV77k

One of the participants also took some notes: https://www.lireo.com/inclusive-design-goes-beyond-your-design/

I found Derek to be very down-to-earth and genuine, which lends itself well to motivating us all. I like his message of why inclusive design is so important - and why the goal of functionality is also important in our designs.

If you get time to listen - please post back with your thoughts, ideas, questions, etc.


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