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I created a test at the end of my learning unit. The learning unit is set up that employees must complete each page before the advance to the next page. The next button has an action assigned that they must complete the page before going to the next page and on mouse click, modify variable to change the pagecompleted status to 1. The issue I am having is with the quiz. The quiz functions correctly when you originally select the correct answer. However, if you select the incorrect answer, followed by the correct answer, the pop-up appears that "You must complete the page before continuing." I have tried so many different things and not sure what I am doing wrong. Has anyone else come across this issue?

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I have included a few screenshots of how things are set up. Please let me know if you need any other information.

incorrect answer.png

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, there are quite a few super users on this forum that can identify the issue and resolve it for you within a few minutes if the project was shared; otherwise, there'll be a long dialogue of back and forth to resolve your problem.


. The easiest way for us to help would be for you to upload your course here, or even just a cut-down course that contains only that page (if you can't share your content). Otherwise, you'd have to explain the exact Action(s) used in the course.

Question - why did you make your own variable for

Page Completed


Lectora already has a built in tracking system for status'. Whenever a page is landed on, it is marked as completed but you can still modify it to do whatever you want.

Only assuming how your modules works based on the screenshots you provided, the description in your first message, and without seeing the full project, I'd just set your on-next click to check for something related to the question (see screenshot below). Now the option below only applies to the question on the page, so you'd have to copy/paste this next button for all the questions in your KC/Quiz and disinherit the next button you have for the rest of your module.

Just for context, between my colleague (

) and myself, we've built and continue to support 30+ exams, and continue to produce them on a quarterly/yearly basis. Below is a snapshot of one question's complexity on a page.


said, if you can provide your project in a ZIP form he or I could find the issue much faster.

That's not the course. Upload a ZIp export of the course, not images of screens, for best help.

I uploaded a shortened version of the course. I am still quite new to Lectora and have been going off how things were done by my previous co-worker on older versions of courses. I wasn't aware of the Set Tracking Status option.

The course needs to be set up so that employees view each of the pages/listen to the audio, before they can advance to the next page. This will not apply to the quiz. They must get the question correct before they can advance to the next question. I would like the next button to be hidden until the question is answered correctly.

If you have any suggestions on how to improve the functionality of this course, please let me know.

You should upload the AWT file if possible or at least an HTML export. The scorm export is not usable due to all those error messages when it is opened outside the LMS.

After looking at your screenshots:

1 incorrect answer

The setting "User must answer each question" of the test chapter won't let the users leave the page if the question is empty. As you can see in the image the question is indeed empty so it works correctly. You wrote it only happens when you first select an incorrect answer followed by the correct one. I suppose the incorrect answer shows the "Incorrect" texfield? And the correct answer hides it again ... There's an "On: Hide - Reset question" action on the textfield that would empty the question.

2 next go to

I can't see what the action is doing but I suppose it is

Go to next page


IF PageCompleted Equal to 1


ELSE Display message

. That is what the action should look like.

The main question is: Do you somewhere have an action to set PageCompleted equal to 1? I can't find one in your screenshot. There should be one on every page in a suitable location when the page is completed. Or an action to set the tracking status of the page if you want to follow Andrews suggestion.

3 next modify

The action sets PageCompleted to 0. Why? If you want to reset the variable for the next page you should better do that when a page is shown. Actions that come after the Go to action are not executed.

Hi @dherzog,

Requiring the user to listen to the entire audio is pretty simple if you follow these steps:

Set your Next button to hidden and/or disabled by default (or do this in an OnPageShow action)

Add an action to your audio object with:


Done Playing


Show and/or enable the next button

For the quiz question you should be able to do the following:

Set your Next button to hidden and/or disabled by default (or do this in an OnPageShow action)

In the question feedback tab, set the action for Correct Feedback to show/enable the next button.

What I suggest here is quite basic. You may need to customize it to fit your needs. 

Good luck!

Let's start over, I have deleted the actions from the next buttons and the pagecompleted equal to 1 on each of the audio files on the respective pages. How would I set this course up so that employees must review each of the pages (i.e listen to the audio file) before they are able to advance to the next page? They also need to answer each question correctly in the quiz before they can advance to the next question. Ideally, I would like the next button to appear only after they answer the question correctly.