Video/Audio Enhancements

In response to a question I asked, Joe "undefinedwheels" Wieloch mentioned submitting a request for enhancements of video support. Even in my limited use, I've come across a few things that feel like gaps to me.

  • How about a reserved variable for the current position of the playhead? You could call it, I don't know, "Playhead"? This would (for instance) let one implement a "Skip ahead 1 minute from the current point" button.

    • If you're being all object-oriented, make that variable settable. I'd love to be able to have an Action that just said to increase the value of Playhead by 60 or whatever.

  • As Joe mentioned, finer control of the UI.

    • As a subtype of that, how about defining the format of the skin files in the help system somewhere?

  • Actions other than Play. Pause, Mute, and Stop. How about Fullscreen? How about Volume Up/Down? How about changing playback speed, turning captioning on and off, etc.?
  • How about playlists? The M3U format is absurdly simple and easily followed.

Just tossing some ideas out there.

Discussion (2)

Carl, it is quite easy to use your own mediaelement player in lieu of the built in version. This way you can use and have complete control over the applications full API which includes all the stuff you'd like and much more. Check out their website. Here is a link to the Github of their API.


Carl, it is quite easy to use your own mediaelement player in lieu of the built in version.

So you have said, but I find it obtuse and complex and the player behaves in unpredictable, undocumented ways. I'm sure it's second nature to you, but the price of entry seems to be very high in terms of learning time.

In any case, from Trivantis' PoV, it makes sense to encapsulate more of that functionality in their GUI even if experts like you don't need it.

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