Vertical panning and initial camera angle

I have requested this in a comment before, but I want to make it more explicit a suggestion.

Please add the ability to pan vertically as well as horizontally. And please let me set a vertical as well as horizontal initial camera angle.

I know, because the esteemed Mr. Blackmon told me, that he's reluctant to have much up/down motion because the bottom and top of an equirectangular image tend to be of lower quality. That's not a good enough reason. Please don't limit us developers to what you want us to do. Let us do what our projects actually call for.

For my current project, I'm going to have to find a way to rotate the image itself so the viewer can look down at something at a 30 degree or so angle. Cumbersome at best.

While I'm at it: create system variables we can set to change the camera angle in degrees. Let those be set from outside the scene, so we can set the initial angle based on which direction a person approaches from. This lets us convincingly simulate motion. Currently the only obvious workaround is to duplicate (or more) every scene, with at least two copies, the only difference between which is that the initial angle is different. Time and resource wasting, in my opinion.

Thank you.


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