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So I'm developing more and more for phones. A lot of my PC-based designs use the Action "Display Message". It works fine on larger screens (tablet or PC) but on a phone, the text is minuscule and very hard to read. In a responsive course, shouldn't Lectora recognize the environment it's in and make the text actually readable?

For the time being I can work around this by using "Display Page in Popup" instead, but that's clunky and more time consuming. Please consider making Display Message work better on phones.


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For Lectora Online I believe we scale the text up. I will look into this.

We have also talked about adding configuration for dialog boxes, to adjust the look, colors, fonts, etc. It seems on mobile a dialog should fill up the screen so there is less confusion. This should also allow overrides per view.

Our workaround is to tell authors to navigate to a page. Then on the page have a close button which runs a Go to Previous Page action. Inside of a random test this may not be possible, but in general it works nicely on mobile devices.

This is written up and will be discussed more in the near future. Thanks.

Your solution sounds comparable to my Display Popup, but without involving the browser's "another tab" functionality. Thanks.

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