Upgrade requirements - server names, etc.

Actual Lectora question from me for once.

My employer's security seems to be blocking access to upgrades for Lectora 19. In order to request an exception, it would be very helpful if eLearning Brothers published a list of what servers must be accessible (including any nonstandard ports and protocols) in order to use the in-app upgrade.

Thank you.

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We love all of your questions! It helps everyone to learn more about the software as well as how different organizations use our authoring tools. :)

I'll check with our team regarding your question on server accessibility and if there are specific ports and protocols needed in order to upgrade within the platform. I'll follow up on this thread as soon as I have new information (which I hope is soon).

Thanks, Michelle. I was really just mocking myself, because so many of my posts to this "Questions" forum are actually griping, rather than asking actual questions.

Well, I like to think that there is hidden value in everything, including griping and self-mockery. ;)

I appreciate your waiting on this! I've attached a document from our Customer Success team that should hopefully help. Please feel free to let us know if you should have any additional questions.

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