Two issues

Sorry about flooding this forum. I am trying to finish a test project before my trial runs out.

So I tried to upload a very reasonably-sized video (550 mb, and yes, that's reasonable for a 12 minute equirectangular video). Partway through the upload I got the error in the attached image.

I was able to upload an even larger version of the video a few weeks ago? Also, that's a not-terribly-useful error message. It appears to indicate a problem with the JavaScript that underlies CenarioVR. If desired I can open the Chrome programmer tools and try to debug it for you. :)

Another thing I encountered: you can't multiselect objects unless the list view is displayed on the left. If you are in the "list of scenes" view (and not "list of objects") ctrl-click on objects is identical to just clicking, with no multiselect.



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Here are two ghosts. This is only in the development environment (edit mode), which I produced by hiding two Hotspots. Their tooltips decided they didn't want to hide.


Data point: the 10mbps version uploaded fine, the 6mbps downsample of it failed with that error.

Well, now I can't reproduce the behavior I saw this morning. However, I did encounter a new error, shown in the attached Camtasia recording.

I would guess the upload may have been a "connectivity hiccup" on your end, we can certainly handle large uploads. I would recommend trying to upload again.

As far as the selection goes, there is no scene view or object view, are you referring to trying to multiselct scenes? Multiselect is for objects on the scenes, not for multiple scenes.


Which one? The Amazon "can't load" error, or the detached tooltips?

Got my full license yesterday, by the way. Prepare for more questions, bug reports, and suggestions!

That looks like a good catch, we'll clean that up.

You reported the loading problem happened once. That is likely a connectivity problem on your end, there is nothing to fix there. We will be looking at the hiding of the tooltip effect in edit mode.

Check. Thanks.

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