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Hi, i m using Lectora Inspire version, i have developed on of my course in english version, now iwant to insert a toggle button which will switch to desired language, let say i have 10 pages and i click on toggle button then the page will reload in english to chinese/spanish language, so can u guilde me how should i go ahed? your suggestion will be appreacited.

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I need help as well with this

What I did, was combine both languages in one large Course (English on top half and French on the bottom), and then I programmed each button on the every page to "Go To", the other language page. And then on the other language page I have the same "Go To" action button to go back to the English page. Its A LOT of work, I have over 2000 pages to do this with and its a pain! Wish there was a way to paste these buttons on every page at once and then just edit the action, but I haven't found a way to do that yet.

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You mean like this?