The invisible SVG

So I added an SVG file to my scenario.

It shows up in the left-side object tree. It does not appear in the editor.

I attach the exported Scenario. The object is in the scene named "Cutaway Turbine (Rear)" and it is Turbines_impulse_v_reaction.svg. I can select it in the object hierarchy, but it never gets handles, is never visible on the screen, and in general I can't do much with it. It is visible and nontransparent.

It's pretty small at default size, but surely if selected it should have handles, allowing me to resize it? The whole idea of using SVG is to let me resize without losing quality, right?


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Thanks, Jon. I actually exported the entire scenario as zip ... and did nothing with it.

It seems that the first one is in some weird variant format. I downloaded it from Wikipedia, but /usr/bin/file reports that it's actually Unicode text. ??? Displays OK in the browser, but I have no idea what's up.

Since then, I created another very simple SVG (just an arc with an arrow terminating it, to indicate rotation), added that to my scenario (where it was perfectly visible), and then resized it by dragging the top left corner ... upon which it became invisible like the other one.

I'll attach both to this message.

Well. No, I won't, because your forum software says, " Sorry, this file type is not permitted for security reasons." You block SVG files for security reasons? Here are both in a zip archive.

Could you send or attach that SVG file that gives you the issue?

There are two SVG's in the zip file.

Turbines_impulse_v_reaction.svg - This is a corrupt file. You can just try and drag it into an empty Chrome window, it tells you about the error in the file. I've attached the error

arc-arrow2.svg - Seems to work fine. Perhaps you sized it so small its hard to manipulate?




I had already come to those same conclusions. The weird thing about the empty file is that it seemingly displays OK on the web page I was downloading it from. Presumably the page is previewing some other file, maybe a pre-generated thumbnail?


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