Text-to-speech: recommendations

Has anyone used a text-to-speech program with e-learning dev? For a current project automated speech generation would be a huge asset. I haven't touched such software since 2010, so I'm sure there have been at least two generations of improvements ....

For my purposes I don't need anything super-convincing as a non-robot, but it has to be understandable and it has to be possible to insert custom pronunciations for unusual words that aren't in the program's dictionary.


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Hi Carl - I reviewed and extensive list of TTS options and voices and settled on TextAloud and the Ivona Joey voice. I have some courses up at my testing HTML host if you want to hear what Joey sounds like. There is also Amazon Polly, which has a different pricing structure but could be included if your organization is using any other Amazon Web Service.

During research, I also found a YouTube video with a sample voice that I am going to lobby to add if we choose to add a female voice to the repertoire. There is also on article on the Top 10 TTS options through eLearning Industry.

Some software includes one or more voices, so that may be a route to look into. One reason we picked TextAloud is because it's a locally run software and voice with a one-time cost for both.

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