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Something that would be useful to me (and I believe others): text search, not unlike what's in Lectora (and almost every other program). I changed a graphic, and I wanted to find every info card that refers to that, but I can't search for the word "green" in all objects in all scenes in my scenario.

By the way, in this discussion system, "New idea" is a profoundly unintuitive phrase to mean "Start a new discussion thread." Its placement also offers an incorrect affordance, since it seems to be attached to a column listing of other boards, not to the current discussion area. You might want to engage a designer (as opposed to software developer) to work on the interface.

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Agree, a search feature would be useful to find all instances and linkages of objects. E.g. I'd like a search to find all purple coloured background info cards and then be able to change them to green (although a style template type feature would sort this as well).

I would but there doesn't seem to be a Vote Up button for his original post, only the comments.

@AndrewTownsend, while you're at it: why can I like, vote up, or agree with a comment ... but only one of those. If I agree with something, apparently that means I don't like it! :)

@AndrewTownsend, false affordance again. If one can only select a single reaction marker, they should be presented as either a drop-down (or pop-up) list, or with radio buttons. Three stand-alone buttons visually says "Pick any or all of these." See how, for instance, Facebook does it. Or Yammer.

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