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As a long time user of Lectora I find the lack of colour in the icons (pages, chapters, buttons etc) not helpful. It is harder to recognise icons simply by their look / colour at first glance, I found myself having to scrutinise the icons in the explorer panel much more closely than usual. Its also slightly inconsistent, some of the icons still being in colour (e.g. Insert | Character etc. The actual design (shape etc) of the icons is fine.

Perhaps I'll get used to the new design, but not sure at this stage. Please consider adding at least some colour back, even if simple and less than before.

To add to timdyer, maybe there could be an option to choose your look? Like the "dark" mode on the iPhone.

I agree!!! I am thinking I'm going to need a bigger monitor or increase more than 100% as there is sooo little contrast that I can't tell what things are within the Title Explorer!!! It also looks soooo old fashion like computer programs from around 1992.

I'm curious what the argument is for removing the color? I've been comparing back and forth, and the only thing I'm coming up with is that the icon colors don't interfere with viewing your page elements, so there isn't any persuasion to use colors that go with icons... but speed of recognition (especially when you get over 10 items) is nothing short of dramatic. Think if a stop light didn't have colors - you could tell when to go or stop, but it sure would take up a lot more time to identify the 'shape', and there would certainly be a lot more accidents! ; ) I'm fine if there is another way to have the same speed to locate the element you want without it being color-related, I just can't think of anything that would work quite as well.

I agree @Cainam, I would love to hear the study/reason on why color was removed as all the educational research I've ever done concludes that white on black is hard to read (lower contrast) and I'm curious if there is a new study out that has changed what we have all learned? The nerd in me is curious!!!

Please bring the color back.

If I were to compare with something like an Adobe Photoshop, I think the comparison might be the tools menu on the left is black/white, but they are in consistent locations, so finding what you need is easy enough, but the LAYERS in photoshop are micro-images of what is on each layer so that you can quickly tell which layer you need to work with. (In my opinion, the page elements in Lectora would more closely resemble layers in Photoshop).

The main reason for removing the color was to modernize the look of the UI. A lesser secondary reason was because of accessibility concerns for color blind persons. We are discussing the usability concerns raised in your comments. We appreciate your honesty and participation it will make Lectora a better product. Please continue this discussion with us.

On the interface- I know this topic is very important to us. Look for a survey coming to help provide greater feedback. Thank you for all your thoughts so far and keep them coming!

The main reason for removing the color was to modernize the look of the UI.
As a developer, where are you seeing that black and white makes things more modern? As this is something we should be aware of in designing our courses too. The UI trends and elearning trends (studies) are very similar and I haven't read anything about black and white and am very curious about this being considered more modern.

I agree about the black and white. So much harder to use.

Colour (color) blindness (colour vision deficiency, or CVD) affects approximately 1 in 12 men (8%) and 1 in 200 women in the world; about 4.5% of the entire population. Bring back the colors for 95% + of the population. The icons in Lectora are not crisp or sharp enough in black and white and look very old style.