It would be nice if the user interface was a bit more polished. Here's one that just annoyed me. I created a group and added a bunch of people to it. Since this was an entirely manual process, I wanted to compare the membership of the group to the original list. It defaults to being sorted by the very much useless "Order you added them in."

I used the "Sort" button at the top to sort by Last Name A-Z.

And ... nothing happened. At all.

Google Chrome 93 (the latest my employer permits).

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Another suggestion: breadcrumbs. I just edited the membership of a group. Now I want to assign them a scenario, which I suspect is the normal workflow for administrators.

There's no way to go back to the group list. Yes, I know, I can click on the link at left, but that's not anyone's normal way to navigate a web site. Why not have breadcrumbs?

To make our lives easier, why not have a link on the Edit page to the Assign page directly? Again, that will be a very common way to work.