Shorten the publishing flood

I suggested this to one of your developers at your show in 2016. He thought it was a good idea, or maybe he was just being polite, but nothing has changed since then.

See the attachment: that's the output from publishing one course. That's 13 pages of output, of which one line is meaningful. Why do you make the end-user scroll through all those hundreds of lines of output that we never, ever actually care about to see the one relevant line?

Note also: the only way to recognize the one line that has meaning is its color. I'm pretty sure you're now non-508-compliant, because something like 10% of people who have Y chromosomes (biomale) have some form of color blindness.

It gets worse: notice how long those lines are? You display them in a tiny dialog box like this:

So the lines are not just meaningless, they're confusingly wrapped/cut off. To add insult to injury, you inexplicably prevent me from resizing the dialog to make it easier to read and faster to scroll through. Why?

So maybe rethink this? Please?

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