Scenario fails in Oculus Go, but plays on iOS and in browser

I have a scenario that starts with a 2D video playing back in a gray equirectangular void, then transitions automatically to a scene that's a 360 still with a few hotspots and info cards.

On Oculus Go, the video plays back and then the transition starts ... and you sit in the default gray void forever. It never makes it to the second scene.

On iOS, fine. On Windows in any browser, fine.

I recorded what happened. It's too big to attach here, so I put it on

If anyone at eLearning Brothers would like to try it, I would be glad to add you as a tester, or of course hand you a zip export.

By the way, notice how laborious it is to log in using the handheld controller? Whenever I had to close the app to get out of the gray void, it forgot who I was. This is, let's say, not optimal.


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Yes, please send the content, sounds like there is something on that next scene that the Go doesn't like.


OK, I'll send the content via your email. This is not especially confidential, but I don't really want to post the entire thing publicly here. Thank you.

John solved it almost immediately. The problem was some SVG files I was using. Apparently these headsets have a hard time with certain SVGs. John suggested rendering them into bitmaps, which I'm doing now.

OK, this is weird. Replacing the graphic with a PNG fixed the refuse-to-open ... but now, when I click on a totally different SVG, several transparent SVG hotspots stop being transparent. What the?

Looks like it's time to stop using SVG entirely, if I want to support Oculus Go.

Just to avoid bloating the forum with even more bug reports, putting this in a comment.

Look at the image. I want to replace the SVG file with a bitmap, per John's instructions. However, the descender (little triangle) there does nothing, and there's no way to get at the list of already-existing media elements. I would have to upload a new instantiation of the bitmap, just further overloading the already super-long and unwieldy list one gets because of the already-documented habit CVR has of repeating listings and putting them in no special order.


Hi, John,

Bug? In the Scenario I sent you, the Turbine Deck Scene, there are Groups named things like "To the Inspection Point."

The group is set to not visible. Its members are set to not visible.

If you click on them (browser interface) or zap them with the Oculus remote, they still activate, despite not being visible. (There's an Action on a button that would reveal them, but their own Actions still run before that Action happens.)

Just to check, I changed the media element of the Hotspot for one of them to a 3D shape (not SVG). It still activates even when invisible. I thought it wasn't supposed to do that. (I was going through the entire Scenario removing SVGs anyway.)

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